Monday, July 13, 2015

11 Months!

11 months spent with this little sweetie! Almost a year of our life has flown by! It's hard to even imagine life without our energetic little one.


I took a few pictures to put on her birthday party invitations! She smiled so big for me!! 

Once again we haven't been to the doctor this past month so I don't have weights and stuff for you! I am thankful she has been healthy and hasn't needed a doctor. We still battle teething but I guess that pretty normal. Wren popped her seventh tooth this month and is working on the eighth. She is getting so big but I think she may start to lose some weight because she is now WALKING!!! Yaay! She thinks she is such a big girl and usually prefers walking over crawling now. She gets too excited sometimes and gets going faster than she can handle and falls. This has led to a lot of bumps and bruises but thankfully nothing that required medical attention...yet! Wren eats pretty much anything and we have started giving her regular milk some along with her formula. One of her favorite foods is rice and beans when we eat out at Mexican restaurants! We are trying to get her using a sippi cup but she still likes her bottle best and its easier for her to drink from.

Loving that rice and beans! She also never wants to stay in her chair at restaurants. Its way more fun to try and see if she can escape somehow!

Wren is very loud, and not scared of anything! She is drawn to dangerous situations it seems like. Her curiosity has also earned her a few bumps and bruises. She is so much fun to play with and now that she can walk she likes to try and run away from us when she knows she has something she isn't supposed to have. She thinks a a great game. She is also still very stubborn and LOUD when she doesn't get her way or when she is just bored or excited or pretty much anything. She has a set of lungs that have a really good range from deep growls to high pitch squeals! She definitely makes church and everyday life very interesting with all her noises. Lately she has become very loud while sitting in her high chair. When she is done and wants out she will definitely let us know.

1. Swimming, we have a little blow up pool she absolutely loves to play in, as well as the hose!
2. Her letter magnets on the fridge. These are one of her favorite toys to play with. Maybe because she can scatter them all over the house!
3. Baby dolls. She loves to cuddle and pat her baby dolls. She has one that talks that she really likes to play with. It is nearly as big as her but she hauls that doll all over the house.
4. Dangerous situations! She loves to get into trouble or get herself into a situations she ends up hurt. We have to watch her pretty close these days!
5. Our neighbor boy Cade. These two love to play with each other!! Her first crush :)
6. Reading books
7. Attention!!! Of course!

Love those magnets!                                       She is a climber!

Why not climb on top of the diaper box while the cart is moving??


Wren and Cade! These two have so much fun together!

1. Being told no.
2. Not getting immediate attention when she is squealing.
3. Sitting in church without squealing or making some loud noise!
4. Having too much attention/not enough attention. Usually after a stretch on duty Wren is more than ready to get back to her own house and run like crazy around the living room with her mom and dads attention all the herself and no one else to bother her! Its hard to balance being a mom and being on duty. It will get a little easier once the kids are in school and Jesse and I will have our morning with just us and Wren.

We went back to Illinois for the first time since moving! We had Father's day with both our families.

Ready for the 4 hour drive home!

Playing with her cousins at Father's Day!

ICE CREAM!!! Two hungry little girls.

Playing with her cousin Emerson. She tends to a be a bully so Emerson got pretty annoyed!

Having fun with uncle Jordan.

Snuggling with grandpa, uncle carson and her dolly!

Playing with her buddy Trevor.

Wren even got to help take her cousin Ellie's 18 month pictures!

Some friends came to visit! Wren had fun with her friend Trevor.

Wren got to hang out with Trevor again! This time at her house.

Saying goodbye!                                                                        

It was Wren's first 4th of July! We went to a 4th of July party!

Prancing down the sidewalk!

Vegging on her chair just drinking her bottle.

Wren loved the fireworks!


Helping clean out the fridge on campus! She likes tomatoes as well I guess?!

Playing airplane with daddy!

The girls at Cypress House painted her toenails!

RING POP! She loves candy, and making a mess while eating it!!