Monday, April 29, 2013


We serve an almighty God that has a plan and a reason for all that He takes us through in this life.  He is able to open and close doors according to His ultimate plan for our lives.  We may never understand why God brings us through one door then closes the next and turns us back around to a new open door, but through trust and willingness He can work in our lives to create something beautiful.

God has opened doors for us to begin an infant adoption program.  We are having our first meeting with Family Core in Peoria on Thursday May 2nd.  At this meeting we should learn about different options available to us through their infant adoption program and learn more about how the process will go in general.  We will also be given an application to fill out with many detailed questions about our life and upbringing.  At this point I don't know exactly how the next few months will go and what all will be required for the home study and adoption certification but we should learn a lot at our meeting on Thursday.  We are excited to begin this program but we also know that there could be difficult times ahead depending on how smoothly everything goes.  We also know that we will be in need of a large amount of patience as we seek to follow God's plan, trusting that if one door closes He will open another.  We could really use prayers for patience and trust in Gods plan and timing as we begin the infant adoption program with Family Core!