Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Profile Book Here!

A couple days ago I received our profile book in the mail from Shutterfly.  It was exciting to get to see the book in real life!  I have looked over the book so many times online before I ordered it and as I was making it that I think I could almost tell you exactly whats on each page:)  I really wonder what our Birth-parents will think as they look through our book.  Will they think we look like a fun family for their child?  Will they wonder about our age?  Will they know how blessed we really are to have wonderful families and the gift of salvation?  I hope when they look at our book they see a family that longs to have a child to call their own and I hope they see a place where their child will be loved and cared for and given all they wish they could give him/her.  I know God has a plan and so when I think about how our adoption will go I try not to worry to much about why someone would or would not choose us to adopt their baby.  Instead I try to remember that God has a baby for us.  He knew  this would be our future even before we were born.  God knows it all and it is humbling to realize this and to realize just how little we know.  We don't know if we will get a baby in 2 weeks or if it will be two years.  We don't know if we will ever have a biological child or if we will only adopt.  We don't know if we will adopt one child or numerous children.  We don't even really know if what we have "planned" is what God had planned!  One thing we do know is that God's plan is perfect and complete and if we take one day at a time and try our best to stay at the center of His will, He will provide grace for each situation.  It seems weird right now to think about the fact that we will be parents and actually have a little baby to call our own.  I think it's kind of like a couple that is expecting, they know the baby is coming but they really can't imagine exactly what it will be like or even believe that it will be reality to have a baby in the home to care for.  I think God has really worked in my heart to help me with patience through this experience so far.  Most days I am perfectly content with our little family of Jesse and I.  I am thankful for the opportunities that we have together that we may not have some day when we have a child.  Other days I get a little jealous and wish I could have a child to call my own and to care for and love but quickly God helps me to feel content again with where He has placed me right now in life.  I am sure my patience will begin to wear as time goes on and we have nothing to do but wait but I am also so surprised at just how quickly time flies by.  Our close friends baby is about to turn one year old and it seems like she was just born yesterday!  We have been on this journey for a year and a half now! Both of these things help me to keep things in perspective.  Time passes so quickly and someday we will be watching our children become parents wondering where time has went!  So back to the subject of our profile book, it turned out great and I haven't found any spelling mistakes or printing errors in it.  I am mailing it to Family Core today for them to put on their shelf waiting to be shown to a person who will be making one of the most difficult and selfless decisions they will ever make.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Profile Book Ordered!!

So today I finally sat down and completed all the finishing touches in the photo book I have been "about done" with for the last few weeks!  Checking for spelling, adding the last few pictures, and making sure everything looked good before I ordered it in print!  I hope it comes and looks great and I don't find a bunch of mistakes I didn't catch when proofing it.  I suppose though if I do find a lot of mistakes I can always just reorder!  So the book should be in sometime before August 30th!  Then I will send it to Family Core and hope it gets used;)