Wednesday, June 10, 2015

10 Months!

Wren is 10 months old already! Jesse and I agreed that between leaning a new job and getting settled in, this month has flow by! Makes us wonder where the days went! Thankfully it has been good and Wren has been enjoying the days as well!

WREN DANIELLE (10 months!)

We didn't go to the doctor this month for anything so I don't have any weights or anything to share but that also means we have had a healthy baby so I wont complain!! Wren has been really healthy the last month which has been a huge blessing. she has been popping teeth like crazy though so that has made for some difficult days.  Wren came to Indian with two teeth a little over a month ago and now is popping her sixth tooth as I type!! I feel bad for her having to always be teething but at least she is getting it all over with quickly :) Wren eats about anything these days and unless she is hurting from teething is willing to try about anything, including things that aren't food :( She is getting so big and getting more hair as well. In the humidity the ends of her hair curl and its sooo cute! I hope she has curly hair when it gets longs as well.

Love those curls!!!!


We have learned how hard it is to work with a child who wants to do the exact opposite of everything we say :( Our sweet little girl is beginning to show a pretty strong personality and will repeatedly do things we ask her not to do and even look at us when she does it just to see what we will do! In church the minister talked about how children begin to rebel and want to do the opposite of what they know their parents want even when they cant talk and when it is appropriate to start discipling your children from something he heard from a child/family expert. Later when Wren was purposefully doing the exact opposite of what we would say one of our Gateway residents asked if we thought she was doing it on purpose like the minister had talked about! At least we know they are listening to the sermon! Buttt I guess its time to start working with Wren on listening when we ask her to stop. Any advice on how to make a 10 month old listen?!? Wren has such a fun personality though, when she isn't being stubborn! She loves to make all sorts of noises and just be on the move constantly.  It is so fun to play with her and get her laughing which isn't really that hard! She keeps us on our toes but  at the end of the day when she snuggles with us and falls asleep it makes all the difficult busy times during the day worth it!

Our sweet snuggler :)

We have had more time to just enjoy being outside and doing activities now that it is summer and also working at Gateway because we do things with the kids as part of our job! Wren has found some new things she loves! 
1.) She LOVES the attention she gets from the residents and just constantly having people around to entertain her!
2.) She loves to swing!!
3.) She enjoys going on walks in stroller and also in this little car that our lead houseparents have at the Gateway house!
3.) She still loves playing with Myli, a lot! They wrestle around on the floor and love to just be together!
4.) Balls!! She loves to play with all kinds of balls and to roll them and then chase them around the house. Her daddy spoiled her on a Target trip and bought her three in one trip!
5.) Grapes! I don't usually buy grapes but when having them for a meal at Gateway we learned of Wren's love for grapes.
6.) Growling. Our residents taught Wren to growl the other night at the dinner table and now she growls a lot! 
7.) Going on bike rides in the seat attached to the bike! (*See #3 of Things Wren Hates)

Stroller Rides and Swinging!

So fun to ride in her own little car!

Best friends!

The bike seat is great!!

1.) Being told what to do!
2.) Going shopping! Unfortunately we have had to do quit a bit of shopping while trying to get settled in here and Wren has learned how much she hates it! Sitting in the stroller to shop and sitting in the stroller to go for a walk are two completely different things in her opinion!
3.) Going for bike rides in the cart pulled behind the bike. We may or may not have had a screaming baby about the whole time we took her in the bike cart and also an incident where said baby tried to crawl out of bike cart!)

This is one way to entertain baby while mommy is in the fitting room!

Wren got to meet two new babies this month! our friends new little girl named Jade, and Wren's new little cousin named Xander! Wren also got to hang out with he friend Karli from Illinois!

Wren and her new cousin Xander!

Wren and Karli finally got to see each other again!

Wren got to meet Karli's new little sister, Jade :)

We had a field day on campus and Wren got to hang out with some of her new friends! Her and Cade (another alternate house parents child) just love each other and get so excited to see each other and hang out! Is this a good thing or not ;)

These two have so much fun together!

Loving that water melon!

We went to the splash pad in Leo. Too bad it was a windy day and the water was cold. Wren still enjoyed watching the water and sitting just outside the splash!

Wren got a visit from her great grandpa and grandma Zimmerman! 


Just chillin' at the "cypress crib" 
AKA our Gateway house!

The things she does when we are on duty!

Lookin' good! :)

The giant beanbag at cypress!      Maybe you cant see but this is our tired little girl after a day if begin on duty!

One of the perks of working at Gateway is the "food room" and the treats Wren gets from it!

Playing at home!    

We got a new pull out couch for company to sleep on and Wren decided to try it out first! By the way, she approves!

Playing at the park!

"hmmm mom you leg tastes good!"

Such big blue eyes!                                                  I spy a baby...