Monday, June 2, 2014

The Beat of Her Heart!

So as most of you are aware, Jesse and I made a very quick trip to Florida last week to go to a doctor appointment with birth mom!  Lots and lots of driving!! I am thankful we had a safe trip and I am glad to be back home.

Jesse and I left for Florida early Tuesday morning.  We stopped at about 7 pm that evening and we had just gotten into Florida.  The next day we drove about another 3 hours or so to a town nearby the birth mom. We got there about 2 pm and spent the rest of the day relaxing in the sun and swimming in the ocean.  It just so happens our little girls birth moms lives right by the ocean!!

The next morning we picked up birth mom and headed to Orlando for her Dr. appointment.  We so appreciated birth moms openness with us that she allowed us in the room for the appointment.  We were able to hear our sweet baby girls heart beating away!! She also had an ultra sound and they measured just about every part of our little girl! It was amazing getting to see her moving around! We could see her little hand waving at us and her little lips gulping in the amniotic fluid.  She measured on time for her due date which is August 18. I believe the Dr. Said she weighs 2lb. 10oz at this point, such a tiny little thing! Birth mom is 28 weeks and baby is expected to start gaining 1/2 lb. every week once she hits 30 weeks!  Dr. said everything looks healthy and birth mom and baby are both doing well.  Birth mom gave us the sono pics so here's our baby girl! So excited to show her off!

A Profile Pic of our sweet pea!  You can also see her heart
  in the bottom left corner!
A view of her nose and lips looking straight on.
The arrow is pointing to her nose.
You can also see one of her arms on the top side!

Another profile view.  This one she has her mouth slightly open!

The appointment took a long time (3 hours!) and once we got out we were all pretty starved! It was 4 pm and we hadn't had lunch!  On the way home we stopped and got lunch and then took birth mom home. We were so thankful for the opportunity to visit with birth mom face to face again and to get to be so close to our baby girl. Since the birth is closer than we all think, birth mom is working with our social worker to put together a birth plan. It is so crazy to think that in a few short months we will be in Florida witnessing the birth of our baby girl. We know our lives will never be the same again but we are excited to welcome this sweet little one into our home!  At this point birth mom is very sure that she wants us in the room for the delivery if we can make it in time.  She told us that no one should miss the birth of their baby.  We are constantly amazed with her heart for this child and her openness with us as she involves us in every step and shares so much with us.

After taking Birth mom home we headed out of Florida. We drove until about 10 pm and then stopped somewhere in Georgia.  Friday we got up early once again and headed for home! We made it home around 7:30 pm Friday night.  I am glad to be home and not have to drive anymore!!

We thank God for a healthy baby and birth mom and we are constantly amazed at how God is stretching us and growing us through this time.  We are so thankful that we have this opportunity to interact with birth mom and to adopt this sweet baby girl.  Thanks for all the prayers and support and we ask that you continue to pray! Pray that birth mom will have strength when she needs it and that she can feel Gods comfort when things are hard for her and pray that we will have words to encourage her and support her.  Also pray for a healthy baby and smooth delivery come August. We don't know exactly how everything will go but we do know that if we leave it it God's hands He will use us according to His purposes!