Saturday, April 11, 2015

8 Months!

Another month has passed quickly and Wren is becoming all the more active!

Happy 8 Months WREN DANIELLE <3 <3

Wren learned to crawl that next week after I wrote her 7 month blog update!  She is a mover for sure.  It took only a few days for her to get the hang of it and now she is in to everything!  I am getting to the stage where I have to baby proof my house and move a few things around so she doesn't get into trouble or hurt herself. About a week after she learned to crawl I was working on the computer and looked over and she had pulled herself to the standing position on my file box! She was so proud of herself and now loves to pull herself up on anything she can! Just recently we have been trying to get her to stand by herself and she can only do it for about 10 seconds but she is learning.  We may have an early walker at the rate she is learning new things! She has become more content though now that she can get around and discover new things as well as get into trouble! Wren had a Dr. visit to check her ears again, which thankfully turned out ok, and she weighed 19 lb. 1 oz. She has had plenty of colds which always lead to ear infections and she had double ear infection AGAIN earlier this month.  After getting another cold after the double ear infection this month she got cranky and we went to the doctor again but everything checked out ok with her ears as I said.  But now that she has another cold I am hoping it won't lead to another ear infection but all the other colds have so we could be looking at one more ear infection before summer starts :( Other than ear infections and colds Wren has been a healthy baby.  She has been eating 6-8 oz bottles and also garden baby food 1-2 times a day.  Just recently she is starting to want more table food!  She loves breads and pieces of cheese and of course anything sweet like fruit snacks or cookies, but we try not to do to much of that!

"Oh you don't want me to empty your cupboards and my diaper bag mom??"

Into EVERYTHING!! Have to baby proof and keep her away from 
anything electrical that seems to be her favorite thing to go to first!

Pulled herself up like a big girl for the first time!!

Loving that baby food                                                      Such a big girl!

Loves to be under tables, chairs or any little place she can squeeze herself into!

She kept trying to squeeze back behind the end table but she just didn't fit!

Wren has been fussy from colds and ear infections and happy in between those times.  She definitely has a personality and will let you know if she is upset or doesn't like something.  My mom had her overnight some this month and she said it was so funny how she would quick pop her head up if mom stopped patting her when putting her to sleep but then as soon as mom started patting her again she would quick lay back down! Also she hates it if you leave her alone in a room and will squeal and cry then as soon as you give her attention she shuts off the crying instantly! She also can get so hyper and excited. This happens a lot in the evenings or when people are around talking and she can play knowing people are close by.  She will get really excited and squeal and click her tongue, a new thing she learned to do, and crawl all over climbing on everything just having fun.  Sometimes she gets so excited she just bursts out with a grow/squeal like she just cant handle how excited she is :) It is pretty funny!

Wren loves attention as always! She always wants someone close by while she plays and she loves it when she is being held or played with! She also loves to climb on things or pull herself up on stuff. She has learned she can pull herself up in her crib so we sometimes find her sitting or standing now when she decides she is done sleeping! She also thinks it is so fun to let the bath water out of the tub and stand up in the tub! She likes table food, toys with a lot of pieces she can pick through, anything that isn't a toy or anything she shouldn't be playing with, Myli the dog, going on stroller rides, and making noise!!
One of her favorite toys is the Noah's Ark set with lots of animal pieces!!

LOVE going on walks!! The stroller must taste good also!

Wren HATES being left alone in a room which can make getting work done around the house somewhat difficult!  She also has a thing with teenage or twenty something aged guys that she will just cry when they are around and act scared.  She has become some what of a mommas baby because of this and will cry until they give her to me or they leave.  I'm not sure why she is scared of them but hopefully she out grows it sooner or later because most of her uncles fit that description!

Wren had her first overnight stay without us this month! Jesse's grandma from Minnesota past away this month and we decided to leave her with my mom since she was battling an ear infection and diarrhea from the antibiotic and our trip was going to be a lot of driving and sitting at the visitation/ funeral.  She stayed with my mom for 2 nights! We missed her and were ready to get home but it was nice to have a little time to ourselves and just relax!  Thankfully she did great for mom and my sister helped out as well!

So thankful Wren was able to meet her great grandma 
Schmidt one time back in December before she passed.

Wren discovered her love for bread while Aunt Leann 
and Grandma watched her while we were in Minnesota.

Easter Eggs as Grandmas with her cousins while we were in Minnesota
(Wren on right, Cousin Ellie on left)


Hanging out with daddy!

Visiting great grandma Zimmerman in the hospital!! Not sure what the girls think :)

All ready for Easter Sunday morning!

Always gotta be right by mommy!                                                    zzzzzzzzz

 Wren got to spend some time with great grandpa Gerber this past month also!

Playing with her cousin Ellie at Easter!

The best way to contain a busy baby ;) for about 2 minutes haha

Playing with her cousin Addy!

Loving her bath...                                         "Uh oh help mom I'm stuck!"
                                                                  Wren loves her new big girl car seat!