Tuesday, February 10, 2015

6 Months!

Our baby is already half a year old!! She is at such a fun age with lots of giggles and discovering new things! Someone once told me their favorite age for babies was 6 months and I can kind of see why now. Other than snuggling Wren as a tiny little newborn I think this has been the most fun age so far!


                       Wren Loves to pull Myli's hair. As 
                     you can tell Myli isn't to sure about it :)

Wren has continued to seep in her crib since we moved her there last month.  She does really good and will usually just wake up a few times wanting her paci.  Usually more toward morning. She can put her paci in her mouth herself but she isn't quit that coordinated to do it herself in the middle of the night.  Usually sometime between 6 or 7 she will come in bed with us and sleep until 8 or 8:30.  We have been learning that Wren sleeping bad is usually a sign of an ear infection.  Wren had two rough nights that resulted in her sleeping in our bed all night and still not sleeping good.  Then after two nights the third evening she spiked a temp of 102.5 so we knew something was wrong.  We took her to prompt care because it was a Saturday evening and she had a ear infection once again! Thankfully we got her on medicine and it took care of it pretty quick and she was able to get back to her normal sleep pattern!

At Wren's 6 month appointment today she weighed 17lb 9oz, and is 26.5 inches long.  She is in the 76th percentile for weight, 75th for length and 61st for head circumference.  So she is pretty proportional all around.  Her ears looked great so hopefully they can stay infection free for awhile!  Two ear infections (three is you count both ears the first time) in one month is plenty! After those ear infections at the end of January Wren became much more emotionless and a lot less smiley, which made taking 6 month pictures pretty difficult but we got a few small smiles! This past Saturday she was very fussy and cried most of the morning. Finally I looked in her mouth and saw a little white on her bottom gums.  Thinking it could be teeth I gave her some meds and then she took a long nap!  That evening we gave her one of those mesh bags with ice in it and she bit it and then ripped it out if her mouth.  She made a little blood come out when she did it and then we could see her two little bottom teeth broke the gum!  That evening she was a changed little girl and back to her happy, giggly, rolly polly self! As I said Wren has been rolling everywhere.  I have found her in some interesting places and I have to remember to keep the basement door shut or she would roll right down those steps!  She has discovered her tongue and mouth recently as well.  She will stick her tongue out and push air through her lips spitting and making noise! She thinks it's great and can really get going at it when she is in a good mood! It's pretty cute! She also does this weird thing with her hands.  She will be playing and suddenly stop and focus on the floor or wall or couch and scratch at it.  She also scratches at the bed sheets, maybe as a comfort thing, as she falls asleep.  It can be really annoying when she is sleeping with us in the mornings.  She also enjoys scratching anything she can get her hands on including eyes, nose, mouth or any part of your face and also grabbing hair.  Its hard to keep her busy little hands contained these days!  She has learned to sit up pretty well.  She uses her hands for support some but she doesn't have to.  She can't sit herself up but if we put her in the sitting position she can sit.  I have found that sitting her by her toy basket can keep her pretty entertained as she digs through it!  She can't crawl yet but she tries so hard! She will kick her legs and flail her arms but she just hasn't figured out how to push herself forward.  I'm thinking it won't be long before she gets it though. I have started feeding Wren the Gerber Oatmeal & Banana Cereal rather than our garden baby food because she seems to like it better right now.  I usually give her that one time a day and it doesn't replace a bottle.  She is learning to eat baby food better and better but she still just loves her bottles.  Maybe after she gets used to eating baby food we will try adding in some of our homemade garden baby food.  She also has learned to hold her bottle by herself but she prefers I do it for her :)
                    Trying to get to those basement steps!    For some reason hanging out under 
                                                                                        her swing is her favorite place!

She has learned how to roll down this step

Wren wanted to roll into that book shelf so bad and she was getting mad so 
finally we just put her in there! She thought is was pretty fun :)

   Sitting up is fun...Sometimes!!!   
  Lovin' her toy box!         

Wren is such a squeally and happy little girl these days!  She loves to make herself heard by squealing but now she also loves to laugh and smile.  She will do this little fake laugh thing sometimes when she is in a good mood and if you start talking to her its pretty easy to get her to laugh when she is like that.  I have even seen her doing her fake laugh at Myli, the dog! She must think Myli is pretty funny! They do get along good and I will sometimes find Myli laying by Wren and they play together.  It mostly consists of Wren grabbing Myli's hair but she is a good sport.  Only a few times I had to tell Myli to leave Wren alone because she wanted to play but Wren wasn't in the mood.  Wren also does this fake cough when she gets excited too.  The last week Wren wasn't her normal happy self because of the ear infections and popping those teeth through but she is getting back to her giggly self again now that she is feeling better!  Wren has also learned to throw a royal fit of high pitched angry squeals if she isn't getting the attention she wants.  She can turn her cry on and off in an instant if you are ignoring her or if you look at her.  She has gotten spoiled by lots of babysitting this past month as I filled in some at work and had other appointments.  She seems to think she wants that kind of attention all the time and will let you know if she isn't getting enough! I am thankful I can be home with her and not have to work full time.  I do appreciate my faithful babysitters when I do work though!

Hangin' out at Grandma's.  Learning how to do laundry right :)

Squealing, laughing, toys (or even more so just a piece of paper she can rip to shreds!), rolling around on the floor, her Jumparoo, chewing her feet & pulling her socks off, her bottle, attention, attention, attention! Oh and I can't forget sugar! Her grandpa and uncles seem to think she needs it and so if they are around they are usually trying to get some sugar in her! Can't say she minds to much!
From candy canes to syrup bottles...

                                 "Need more sugar!!!"

Sometimes her car seat but once we get going she usually does fine with it.  There aren't many things she really hates lately.  She has been so happy recently.  I am thankful for a generally content little girl!

My siblings and parents and the nieces and nephews all went to Wisconsin Dells this last months for a short getaway. We stayed at The Wilderness Resort! We had a great time and all the kids seemed to have a blast! Wren really enjoyed the water and wasn't scared a bit.  She got to play with her cousins and I think we wore her out from all the activity :)
                     Wren even liked the little water slide!          Wren and her cousin Ellie <3

Wren and her cousin Carter!

Wren loved the bouncy swings, except for when the giant bucket dumbed 
and sprayed water mist on her!

Swinging with her cousin Kourtney!

Playing with the cousins! Lots of babies on my side of the family!

                    She loved her little pillow throne!     Completely worn out. Her face says it all :)

Had to take a break to catch up on sleep!

Fun with the kids!

We also finalized Wren's adoption on January 20th! See post "Finally Finalized" for more details! 
A few pics from the finalization day...
   Our notary for our phone court hearing!


Just chillin' with her friends in their PJ's!!

                                                                                  Don't worry we don't leave on the window 
                                                                                 sill alone :) I was just to right ready to catch 
                                                                                         her if she lost her balance!

Daddy time! He makes a nice seat!

                               Playing with her dolly!

All cowgirled up with her shirt and boots from uncle Jordan! Her shirt say "When I 
grow up I want to be a truck driver just like my uncle"