Tuesday, September 25, 2012


           I'm sorry I haven't been posting at all for the last 4 months!  Really there isn't much to say.  As I said in my earlier posts we feel this is time God has allowed us to grow and prepare for what He has planned ahead of us.  
           After we found out we would be simply waiting for 8 months we decided to get a second opinion on our infertility.  Along with the encouragement of a few people to get the second opinion so we wouldn't regret not knowing for sure, what could have been, down the road.  We made an appointment at Mayo Clinic and went in July.  They ran more tests and blood work and scans etc. and told us information that our other doctor did not.  This was frustrating to learn that our first doctor gave us so little information and options but it was encouraging to learn more.  After our visit we came home and waited to get the results from Mayo.  They called a few days later with some more heartbreaking news.  According to their results there was basically no way we would ever conceive naturally, unless God chose to perform a miracle that is!  It hurt all over again because we were getting our hopes up for some good news.  We were thankful to be given a second opinion and felt a peace that we did everything we could to have our own children.
          So then we were back to waiting to begin God's work and to do His will.  Some days our patience is tested as we long to be parents and have a little baby of our own to fill our lives and other days we are thankful that we have the opportunity to do what we want when we want and are not tied down with a family.  We are thankful that the future is in His hands and that we can be at peace knowing that whatever it holds will be for His glory and will be His will for us here on earth as long as we continue to trust and lean on Him!