Thursday, May 15, 2014

While We Wait

I just wanted to give an update of how things have been going since we found out about our little girl!  We have been keeping pretty busy.  We had to get our Home Study updated because it will be just over a year when we adopt from when we finished our Home Study last year and they have to be updated yearly.  We had our case worker come check our home again, signed more papers, got updated physicals, and sent in to have our backgrounds checked again.  We have also hired an attorney in Florida who will do all the legal work for this adoption.  We have been signing papers and getting everything set so we are ready when the baby comes!

We have been keeping in regular contact with the birth mom.  She is so selfless and strong when we know she hurts so deeply to think of placing her child in our arms and allowing us the privilege to love her and parent her for life.  This past Sunday (Mothers Day) she sent me a text that said, "Happy Mother's Day, this time next year you will be holding your baby girl"  she is so thoughtful and we are thankful we get the opportunity to know her.

As far as baby goes, everything seems great so far and she looks healthy.  We have been told often by birth mom that we have a very active daughter who is constantly kicking!  Hope we are ready for all her energy ;) we are so excited to meet her!! August can't come soon enough (sorry to wish away your summer everyone) April was a very sloooooow month and seemed to drag on forever! Thankfully May seems like it is whizzing by, I can't believe it is already half over and we have lots going on the rest of the month! Toward the end of May we hope to take a short trip to Florida and go to an appointment with Birthmom! We really appreciate Birthmom giving us this privilege!  We are so excited to be able to get to hear from the doctors how our little girl is doing and get to be so close to her!

We have also been busy getting the little sweet peas room ready! It has been fun to get to pick out a crib and paint colors etc. It isn't finished but it gives us something to do while we wait for August.  We have also been looking at different car seats and strollers and other baby gear we hope to get.  Some we will have to purchase before we head to Florida because we will be there for at least two weeks after the birth and will need to use it.  Other stuff we won't need till we get home! Sometimes when I look in her room it's had to believe that there will actually be a baby to fill it.

So that's kind of what's been going on recently.  Some days seem slow and other times I can't believe how fast times going! In less than three months we will be on our way to Florida to bring home our baby girl!!