Friday, October 10, 2014

2 Months!

Hard to believe it has been two months since Wren joined our family!! She is such a blessing and has been a very good baby too! Definitely makes it a lot easier to enjoy being a mom.  Wren has been sleeping all night now for about a week or so.  She usually goes to bed between 10 and 11pm and sleeps until about 6:30am.  Usually if I give her a pacifier she will go back to sleep until about 8:30 or sometimes 9:00am!  She definitely fits right in as we both love our sleep as much as she does!! Having a full nights sleep is not something to be taken for granted and we are so thankful we are blessed with a content little one.
Wren Danielle (2 Months!)
At her 2 month appointment Wren weighed 11 lb. 8oz. and was 21 3/4inches long  Her heights is in the 23 percentile and her weight is in the 61 percentile. She did not like her two month shots at all but thankfully we had infant Tylenol to make it bearable.  She wasn't in the mood to eat much after her shots and in the evening when her legs hurt but after a night of recuperation she is back to her normal self!

Wren has been eating 5 ounces every 3 hours during the day.  She has been awake a lot more now and usually takes a late morning nap and a late afternoon nap.  She doesn't really have a set schedule though.  If she wants to be awake its fine and if she decides to take a nap at an unusual time thats ok too! She is very laid back so I don't get to worried if she isn't right on schedule.

One of Wren's favorite parts of the day! Bath Time!
We did have a few rough days and nights this past month though and that makes me very very thankful she is usually content!  We learned that Sundays throw everything off as she gets no time to just lay and kick around without any stimulation.  We had a very rough Sunday night and Monday last week because of this.  This past Sunday Jesse and I had Wren take a nap laying flat without being touched after church.  Then after our evening plans we put her in her crib where she laid and kicked and kicked and cooed for about an hour before deciding she was ready to have people around her again! Then she went to sleep and we had a completely different Sunday night/Monday experience! So I guess we will have to make sure she gets her alone time on busy days and Sundays where there is a lot of people that want to give her attention.

Wren has been loving to lay on her tummy and work on building neck muscles.  Often times if she is fussy in her swing or laying on her back it will settle her down to put her on her stomach awhile! She is also getting to the point where she wants to sit up and look around.  She likes to be held sitting up not laying on your lap.  She also tried out the Bumbo seat but she is still a little floppy headed to really stay in it very long.  She really likes it though and even fussed when I took her out and laid her on the floor to give her neck a break.  So back in the Bumbo she went and she was happy again.
Loving her Bumbo!
Holding her head up like a big girl!

She has really started interacting with people.  She will coo and smile, usually more in the mornings or if she has a full tummy.  She is learning to focus on people and she even cooed at the dog as she stared at her.  It is exciting to see her learning so much and interacting as she hears our voices but sad as I look back at just how much she has grown and changed lately.  We were in Fairbury church the last two weekends and this past weekend when we were back at Forrest church everyone couldn't believe just how much she had grown!! It's sad that we don't notice unless we look back at pictures since we see her every day.  She is filling out a lot though and more and more of her newborn clothes are being put away as she moves on to 0-3 month clothes!

Got to spend some time babysitting so of course we had to take cousin pictures!!
Matching PJ's picture!
Not sure how thrilled they are! :)
Myli, the dog, seems to really like Wren and I often find her sleeping wherever Wren is sleeping or trying to be by Wren as we interact with her!  Is it because she loves Wren or is jealous of the attention?!? I don't know but I am glad they seem to like each other!

We spent a few days taking all the veggies from our garden and making baby food for when Wren starts eating it!  We have quite a stock pile although I am sure it will go quick once she starts eating it! It's nice having "free" food from the garden rather than paying for store baby food and probably a lot healthier too! So far we have made carrots, kale, beets, squash, spinach, apple sauce, and my mother in-law made a little bit of peaches from her peach trees! I still hope to do a little more squash once its ready in the garden and also some sweet potatoes!

I am not sure beets will be good baby food because everything
will probably get stained by them but we will see!


Stocking up! Fun to do on boring days :)
A few random pictures from this past month...

Finally got Wren's canvases for above her crib!

Sporting her cute shoes and skinny jeans!!
Ready for Church!
Peek a Boo!
Litttle miss big eyes :) 
I will finish with Wrens weekly pictures, I love her cheesy smile in week 6...