Monday, March 9, 2015

7 Months!

Wren is seven months old! She has been such a blessing to our family and I can't imagine our life without her!

 She actually gave me some smiles despite her fever and ear infection! She is such a trooper!

Unfortunately Wren has had another bad cold, swim ear, and pink eye after a weekend trip to Wisconsin Dells.  The cold led to ANOTHER normal ear infection and fever :( The fever lasted a few days and Tylenol and ibuprofen didn't always take it down.  She just broke out in a rash so the fever was from roseola. It is a virus that consists of three to seven six days of fever and then a rash for a day or two.  The poor girl just can't get a break! She must need some sunshine and nice weather! We are in the middle of the ear infection now and it is no fun, but at least the fever is gone now and the rash doesn't really bother her. I am hoping it will be over soon and she can get back to feeling better and acting like her happy self again.  Seems like some sort of ear infection or cold is a monthly addition to my blog post but since we are entering spring now I hope the colds/ear infections will stop!  At the doctor Wren weighed 18lb and maybe 8 or 9 oz.  I couldn't really see to good because she was really upset.  She is getting so big and has just about started crawling! She gets up on her hands and knees and rocks back and forth and can even move her hands and knees some but usually will fall forward.  Then she pushed with her feet and kind of slides on her head/shoulder or just goes back to rolling to get where she wants to go.  She is so close though!  She sits up really well now and Jesse has seen her put herself into the sitting position by herself.  She eats baby cereal mixed with our garden baby food usually twice a day and also drinks her bottles.  She also loves to Graduates Puffs.  She loves to feed herself with her bottle now and will roll around on the floor in between taking drinks so she can burp.

Holding her bottle all by herself!

Sooo strong she can do push ups!

Just about to start crawling!

Wren is still a happy and content baby for the most part.  Her inability to figure out crawling has made her a little more fussy though because she just wants to go and get to us or her toys and can't figure it out when she is on her hands and knees and she is always on her hands and knees! She squeals a lot still and loves to make herself known.  She just recently started to growl.  She must think it is fun because she growls a lot! It is so funny! She also babbles a lot so maybe between the growling, squealing, and babbling she is letting us know she is going to be very vocal as she gets older :) Super funny story that happened this past month!  Wren was sitting in her Bumbo on the table while I was doing dishes and cleaning up the kitchen.  I looked over at her and she had reached behind her, opened the donut box, taken out a donut, and was going to town on it!!! It was so funny.  She shredded the donut and actually ate a lot of it! I guess we know she can start to handle more solid foods now!  Facetime can come in handy as I quickly Facetimed Jesse so he could see how funny it was!

Caught in the act!

Yummy DONUTS!!

A new thing Wren loves to do is dig through a box of something.  She loves her toy box but she also loves to dig through a little box with a few things in it.  She is exploring everything! A few other things she loves; toys, paper, making noise, puffs, bottles, going for walks in the stroller, swimming, baths, and playing with Myli.  Most of the same as usually, maybe a few new ones!

So curious!

Loves to play with Myli and Daddy makes playing with Myli even more fun!

Being left to play by herself is probably the main things she fusses about these days.  As long as she can see me she is usually content but if I leave her in a room by herself she gets upset. Oh and also being in the car for long periods of time!! We traveled to Wisconsin Dells for a weekend trip and the day we got home Jesse's grandpa from Minnesota passed away.  So we got home and unpacked, did laundry, repacked, and headed to Minnesota which is twice as far as the Dells.  Needless to say Wren was pretty much completely sick of traveling and we are still trying to get back into routine after traveling so much and her sickness!

We are so thankful Wren was able to meet her great grandpa Schmidt one time before he passed away.  He was a wonderful example to us and he was filled with such joy no matter what what going on around him.  He will be missed by all of us.

Once again as I said earlier we took a weekend trip to Wisconsin Dells The Wilderness this time with a few of our friends an their children.  It was so fun and we are realizing more and more how much Wren enjoys water! Hopefully she will keep her love of swimming as she grows because that was one of my favorite things as a kid.  Growing up my siblings and I spent nearly every day in the summer at the public pool and we did swim team.  It will be exciting if she enjoys that also!

Friends :)

While the mommies went shopping the daddies took the kids on a stroller ride around the resort!

Playing at the jungle gym with her friends! She is still a little small for most of it but she enjoyed the balls!

Boys will be boys

Daddy's and their babies!

Of course mommy wanted to go shopping at the outlet mall to get some fun spring clothes!!

Wren also had a "play date" one day when my sister stopped by with her kids and my friend came over with her boy for something to do!


Her puffy vest is just a tad to big!                            She still loves to suck on candy if she gets a chance!

This is what happens when a baby needs contained while daddy takes a bath!